Il team di Officine IADR

Officine IADR was born, a start-up from Genoa formed by a group of young architects, engineers and designers. He was born to think, develop and produce ideas and services in the field of Engineering, Architecture, Design and Research.

Put together a group of creative, an ingenious project and a competition of the Region of Liguria. The result? A company that leaves its mark.

From the consolidated Giuseppe Spallarossa company comes to life a new one founded by his son Nicolò, born in 1982. On one side the experience of the past, on the other the desire to emerge of a new and young group full of ideas ready to be developed.
Officine is dedicated to engineering and architectural projects, but not only looks over and goes straight to research, presenting new concepts and developing patents.

This team of six designers, in the wake of the modern movement and of the whole international style, studied the evolution of the architecture of the XXI century.
The first projects is GODI, an innovative rangefinder goniometer developed in 2012 as final dissertation, now patented instrument, recorded and presented at the Milan Triennale 2013 edition of the awards ceremony ADI Design Index.
Alongside the big names in contemporary architecture even the young and promising Officine has found its way, currently in competition (with GODI) for category Targa giovani of the Compasso d´Oro 2014.

"Officine IADR is something new - says Nicolò Spallarossa, CEO and project leader of GODI - we managed to create a cohesive group of young professionals who point to research at innovation in the field of architecture and engineering design. Our strength is the interdisciplinary approach, this is the base from which we start and realize our ideas. "

From a Nut for the disabled, a library Air suspended from the sky, to an bookcase air and a Container Folding, Officine IADR amazes and creates. Here´s the team at work: Giuseppe SPALLAROSSA president and financier, Nicolò SPALLAROSSA designer, inventor, CEO, Marketing Manager-Packaging and developer of concepts. Luca DELLEPIANE graphic designer and developer of the project concept GODI. Nicolò FRIEDMAN architect, responsible for financial and commercial director. Luca MUSINA urban architect and Simona ORIGONE architect and designer, the only female arm of the team.